The beat that my heart skipped

Dear universe

I don’t want him anymore. I’ll crush him if he ever comes my way.


Hey Universe

Send him back to my way. I don’t want to give up this easily.
I don’t want to give u up just yet.

I bet you can’t see it.

Where did all the love go?

You haven’t call and I’m done waiting.

Why can’t you see it that I like you a lot.

New Year

I want success. Happiness . Sweet love. Cheeky flirtations. Good health. Six packs.Bright eye makeup.Long fingernails.pencil skirts.fluent English & new secret language. 🐾


For surviving with freelance job for 5 months.

Above it

The fact that I am not cursing at them tells me I am ready.

Tonight I start building my empire.

Ha I’m definitely over u.